Options for the join function.


cleanup: boolean
  • experimental

Whether to perform cleanup steps after completing the operation. Recommended, and enabled by default. Cleanup removes temporary resources created during the operation, but may also remove pre-existing unused or duplicate resources in the Document. Applications that require keeping these resources may need to disable cleanup, instead calling dedup and prune manually (with customized options) later in the processing pipeline.

keepMeshes: boolean

Prevents joining distinct Meshes and Nodes. Joins only Primitives found within the same parent Mesh. To preserve only named Nodes and Meshes, use keepNamed instead. Default: false.

keepNamed: boolean

Prevents joining named Meshes and Nodes. If keepMeshes is enabled, keepNamed will have no effect. Default: false.

Function symbol, where the argument and output are a box labeled 'glTF'.

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