• dequantizePrimitive(prim: Primitive, _options?: Required<import("/Users/donmccurdy/Documents/Projects/glTF-Transform/packages/functions/src/dequantize").DequantizeOptions>): void
  • Dequantize a single Primitive, converting all vertex attributes to float32. Dequantization will increase the size of the mesh on disk and in memory, but may be necessary for compatibility with applications that don't support quantization.


    import { dequantizePrimitive } from '@gltf-transform/functions';
    const mesh = document.getRoot().listMeshes().find((mesh) => mesh.getName() === 'MyMesh');
    for (const prim of mesh.listPrimitives()) {
Function symbol, where the argument and output are a box labeled 'glTF'.

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