Raw glTF asset, with its JSON and binary resources.

A JSONDocument is a plain object containing the raw JSON of a glTF file, and any binary or image resources referenced by that file. When modifying the file, it should generally be first converted to the more useful Document wrapper.

When loading glTF data that is in memory, or which the I/O utilities cannot otherwise access, you might assemble the JSONDocument yourself, then convert it to a Document with PlatformIO.readJSON(jsonDocument).


import fs from 'fs/promises';

const jsonDocument = {
    // glTF JSON schema.
    json: {
        asset: {version: '2.0'},
        images: [{uri: 'image1.png'}, {uri: 'image2.png'}]

    // URI → Uint8Array mapping.
    resources: {
        'image1.png': await fs.readFile('image1.png'),
        'image2.png': await fs.readFile('image2.png'),

const document = await new NodeIO().readJSON(jsonDocument);


resources: { [s: string]: Uint8Array }
Function symbol, where the argument and output are a box labeled 'glTF'.

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